What is a visitors permit/Business visit permit ?

This is a permit issued to a foreign national allowing him/her to enter and reside in Malawi for a short period for purposes of tourism, visiting relatives and business. It is valid for 30 days which may be extended for a further 60 days upon application and payment of appropriate fees.

What is a Temporary Permit ?

This is a permit authorising a Prohibited Immigrant to enter Malawi for temporary residence therein or to travel through Malawi upon such conditions as may be prescribed by the Minister.

What is Temporary Residence Permit

This is issued to a visitor with a valid visitors /Business Visit permit who has resided in Malawi for the maximum of 90 days but has a legitimate and justifiable reasons for continued residence.

What is a Temporary Employment Permit ?

This permit is issued to persons before they enter Malawi for the purpose of taking up specified employment in Malawi.

What is a Student permit?

This is a permit which allows a person to enter Malawi and study at an approved Educational Institution.

What is a Business Residence permit ?

This is a permit which authorises a person to reside in Malawi for the purpose of carrying on, practicing or engaging in such business, profession or occupation for gain, profit or reward as self –employed person or a partner or proprietor. (The funds to be invested should originate from a legal source outside minimum $50,000.00 )

The permit is valid for 5 years from date of approval and is renewable for successive period of 5 years.

What is a PRP ?

It is a permit issued to a person authorising one to reside in Malawi permanently.