New Passport Issuing

The New Passport Issuing System

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services launched the current Passport Issuing System on 22nd February 2010. In view of the foregoing, the general public should take note of the following; Collection of Passport Application Forms.Passport application forms may be collected from Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu and all Immigration Offices. The form can also be downloaded on this website.Members of the public are advised to take note that the forms must not be reproduced or photocopied as they have a computer generated bar code number which is unique to a particular individual. Replacement Of Lost, Damaged, Expired Or Filled Up PassportsMembers of the public whose passports are lost, damaged, expired or filled up may report at Immigration Offices Blantyre, Lilongwe or Mzuzu where they will be required to go through a process indicated on paragraph (ii) before acquiring the new passport.

Application For New Passports

Members of the public seeking to acquire a passport for the first time (new applicants) may also report at the Immigration offices where they will undergo the process indicated on paragraph (1) for them to acquire the new passport.

Introduction Of Token System

Members of public are advised that a token system has been introduced where every person visiting the Immigration Office to access passport services shall be required to follow. This has been done to ensure orderliness, reduce congestion and improve efficiency in assisting our customers

Introduction Of Urgent/Express Passports

Members of the public are advised to take note of the introduction of express and urgent passports in respect of new applicants who are in need of acquiring a passport speedily at an extra cost of K68, 500 for express passports which shall be produced within 2days and K58, 500 for urgent passports which shall be produced within 5 days. To access these services applicants must clearly demonstrate the need for them to travel urgently upon production of documentary evidence.

Introduction Of Passports For Children

Members of the public are also advised to note that children below the age of 10 years will be required to have their own passports whose validity shall be as follows;

From birth to 5 years- 5 years

From 5 to 10 years- 5 years

Please do not make any travel arrangements before your passport is ready. Any inconvenience caused is regretted.