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What is a visa ?

Visa means an endorsement in a passport or other travel document by an Immigration Officer or any official of Government so authorized, indicating that the bearer has been granted permission to enter or re-enter Malawi. ( See types and classifications of visas)

The visa gives permission to enter Malawi and apply for a visitors permit. If one has a valid visa, the department will not normally refuse anyone entry into Malawi unless your circumstances have changed, or you gave false information or did not disclose important facts when you applied for your visa.

When you arrive in Malawi, you should present all relevant documents to an Immigration Officer. This may include a printed version of your return flight itinerary or evidence of funds e.t.c.

Do I need a Visa ?

For any category of entry (including as a visitor), you must have a visa if you:
»  are a national of one of the countries listed in the visa and transit visa nationals page on this website
»  are stateless (you do not have a nationality)
You do not need a visa if your country is listed in the no visa nationals page on this website.

How do I apply for a visa?

You can apply in person at our Malawi foreign missions or through a sponsor in Malawi.
What will I need to make my application?

This will depend on which category you are applying for entry under. In all cases you will need to fill in an application form (download here ).
You will also need the following.
»   Valid passport or travel document (for at least 6 months) ( ICAO passport photograph specification, on passport page).
»  The visa fee. This can only be paid after approval. See visa fees page on this website .
»   Supporting documents relevant to your application.

Where to apply for a visa
You can apply at Malawi’s foreign mission or at our Regional Offices in Mzuzu and Lilongwe and Immigration Headquarters in Blantyre.
What will happen when I make my application?
The visa officer will make a decision using your application form and the supporting documents you have provided. If this is not possible, they may need to interview you. Once a decision is made they will formally notify you.
Can I appeal if you refuse my visa?
You can appeal to the Chief Immigration Officer if your application is rejected . You can get information about appeals from the office which processed your application.
You should not travel to Malawi before a visa has been obtained/issued.