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Permit processing times

For processing times for all visa/permits refer to Client Service Charter


Can I include my spouse, children and dependants on my permit ?
A spouse, minor children of a permit holder can be included on the permit as a Dependent relative . For minors the status is valid until they attain the age of 18 years. Aged parents of permit holder (at least above 65 years). For other relatives this applies if by reason of infirmity of mind or body, is wholly dependent upon such person, and is living with such person. These can be included at the time of application of the permit or after the permit has already been approved.

In cases of an application after issuance of permit, the application is made by submitting an application form and supporting documents to the Regional Offices and Headquarters. If approved one will be required to pay the appropriate fees.

Can I replace a lost or damaged permit certificate?
Where a permit certificate is lost or damaged one can apply for replacement by submitting an application letter, a Police report (in case of loss), two recent certified identical passport size photographs, a damaged copy of the permit, Certified photocopies of passport endorsement of such a permit, and a prescribed fee .


Can a permit be cancelled ?
A permit can be cancelled if the holder submitted false information when submitting the application or when the holder contravenes the conditions of the permit or when the holder becomes a prohibited immigrant