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Citizenship Is a Pre-Requisite that one must belong to a certain nationality.


 »  This is referred by the Citizenship Act CAP 15:01 of the Law of Malawi

 »  It is for the holders of the Residence Permit eg
  Business Residence Permit for above 5 years
  Permanent Residence Permit

How To Apply

The department does not recognize agents but the applicants should come in person.

Where To Send The Forms

 »  The applicant is supposed to submit the forms with relevant documents to Immigration Headquarters or Regional Immigration offices.
 »  The applicant must submit the forms with the prescribed processing fee

Processing Time

The department aims at processing applications for Malawi citizenship within forty working days.

Processing Application

 »  During the processing period the applicant may be called for interviews and submit other required documents.

 »  When the authorities are satisfied with the application, it is approved. Where the application is not successful the applicant is free to appeal with valid reasons.